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Booking your curly cut

Here at 91 South Salon, we take pride in all hair types, including curly hair. Cutting and styling curly hair takes time and special techniques. That being said, when calling to book your curly cut appointment, we'd like specific information in the call. 

The following questions will be asked:
  • What is your curl type?

  • How long is your hair?

  • What is the density of your hair? 

  • Do you have a stylist in mind? 

  • Have you had a curly cut before?

  • Are you interested in a specific curly cut? 

When booking an appointment please come with the following:
  • Clean, Dry hair. 

  • Detangled 


  • Loose - not pulled up or pinned back. 

  • Pictures of cuts and styles that you like. 

If you are coming from work or an event please note that we will book the time for the preparation, there will be an additional $50 fee. If we do not have the allotted time booked for curl preparation, we will be unable preform the service. 

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